Happy NHS and care home staff with The Big NHS and Care Home Lunch Box lunchtime deliveries

We set up Lunar Green Response to provide some relief to our key workers during the COVID-19 crisis. Our maiden mission has seen us teaming up with the wonderful people at Subway, who agreed to provide us with sandwiches and cookies at cost price so that we may deliver them to NHS workers in the North West and South East.  

It all started with an initial donation of £4,000 from our founders, which got us 1330 ham and cheese subs for the amazing and selfless NHS workers in our hospitals.

After that strong start, you all got involved through Facebook, JustGiving and by making private donations, and as of this writing we have raised over £40,000! That’s more than 13,000 lunches for our beloved key workers.

Thanks to the huge response we’ve had, our friends and supporters of this fundraiser have had their work cut out for them since we started in April. They’ve been flitting from one hospital to another making deliveries and letting the invaluable NHS workers know that we care, and that we are immensely grateful for their dedication and selflessness in the face of this emergency.

We’ve been documenting our drop-offs on our Facebook page, where you can see endless photos of huge smiles from our best and brightest. Be sure to like and share the page and help spread the word. There’ll be many more lunchtimes before the end of the emergency, many more subs to deliver, and we need your help.

We want to say a huge thank you to everyone who donated, to the great people at Subway, and to those who took the time to make the deliveries. But our greatest thanks, of course, is to the NHS workers who put their own health and lives on the line every day to get us through this crisis. Every single one of you is a real hero and we are eternally grateful to you all.

Next in our sights are the equally heroic staff of our country’s care homes. All of our energies are now focussed on providing support to the brave men and women caring for our elderly and infirm. This country, and the world, is packed full of everyday heroes; we’re making this gesture to let them all know that we appreciate and love them all. 

Stay home, stay safe, protect our NHS. Together, we can do this!